my Hometown: Sungai Lembing

1.jpg Strech of Sandy Rivers Along Sungai Lembing Town 

2.jpg Climb Up Hill , You able to see this Sunrising view.

4.jpg  Heavy Rain Monsoon floods covered town.

5.jpg  Waters Level might reach 8 feet of Depth

6.jpg  Adventurous Destination of Rainbow Waterfalls

7.jpg       How to get there MAP

3.jpg       Sandy & Rocks of River

8.jpg     Clear cold waters flows


A mini Museums showing Shaft-Mining Activities before 1987 closed down.


Gua Charas Caves, Panching( a Sleeping Buddha in the caves )


10 回應 to “my Hometown: Sungai Lembing”

  1. oh my goosh! i cannot believe those photos of sg lembing under water!

    I’ve rode my bike there couple of times! hope everyone left the town in time!
    and wish the residents can get back to their town soon….


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  9. Miss my home town had not been there for almost a year.

  10. dude! how I miss gua panching…. dun remember when was the last time we gone there… just wish we can go 1 more time……


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